Opiate Crisis in Enid, OK

Addiction Treatment in Enid, OK

A town whose name’s stems from a character in an epic poem, Enid, OK is famous for its spirit of adventure. The once slow-growing town now has 49, 379 residents, and is often touted as an ideal place to raise a family. Enid was awarded the “Best City to Live in Oklahoma,” in 2019, but the city is not immune to the crisis plaguing Oklahoma. Oklahoma is, unfortunately, one of the top states for drug abuse and specifically, Enid was ranked high on the list in 2016 for both opioid and prescription drug abuse. While there is a picture painted of a city with small-town charm, Enid is grappling with a much bigger crisis than what most are currently aware of. Most of those affected by the crisis in Enid are older individuals who may not be open about their addiction struggles or try to get addiction treatment.

Drug Statistics on Enid, OK

The rate of those who abuse prescription drugs in Enid, OK is more than double that which is seen in the rest of the United States. It has been found that 54.7% of prescribed opioids are abused in Enid. Prescription abuse can be a result of physicians over-prescribing the drugs. However, one of the more prominent issues leading to prescription drug abuse in Enid is a lack of access to mental health care.

Studies have shown that individuals dealing with a mental illness will likely try to self-medicate to deal with their symptoms. As a result, over time, both their initial mental illness and new addiction will worsen. Lack of treatment options in a small town like Enid is one of the key contributing factors to the cities ongoing opioid battle. Treatment can feel unobtainable, and it is okay to be nervous or unsure of your next steps. This is why we are here. Call us today at 405-583-4319 and we would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have about treatment and recovery.

Help is Available

You have options available even if treatment seems unattainable. Knowing what treatment types are available to you can go a long way in helping you find the right treatment. There are both short and long-term treatment programs available. The short-term, or 30-day treatment program is an intense treatment for individuals dealing with a mild addiction. There are long-term treatment options that range in days. Your stay could be two months or longer depending on your condition. This type of treatment is for individuals dealing with a moderate to severe addiction. The more severe the addiction, the longer the treatment needs to be. Additionally, in-patient residential services are available under all treatment lengths.

As mentioned before, one of the biggest barriers to receiving addiction treatment in Enid is that there are simply not many options for treatment. An individual needing in-patient hospitalization, short-term residential treatment, or even opioid treatment will not have luck in Enid and will need to search elsewhere for treatment options. Services that can be found in Enid include outpatient services, long-term residential care, and one single facility that offers specialized services for members of disadvantaged groups. More so, there are facilities in Enid that accept Medicaid and Medicare, with one sole facility offering payment assistance.

Leaving Enid for Addiction Treatment

Treatment options are limited in Enid. Not to mention, some of the options that are available in Enid have restrictions on who is the priority when it comes to treatment. For instance, some facilities have a waitlist for individuals who are not pregnant or using their substance intravenously. Unfortunately, this means that some individuals in Enid who desperately need treatment may not receive it when they need it the most. Relocating gives the individual the opportunity to receive treatment at the time they need it the most, and before it is too late. Staying in Enid can potentially mean leaving you or a loved one’s treatment up to chance. Considering distant options can ensure that your loved one receives the treatment they need.

Relocating allows the individual to receive a new shot at life. Staying in Edin makes it more likely that the individual is going to remain around factors that led to them developing an addiction. Relocating removes those external factors and surrounds them with a community of support and healing. More so, with those factors out of the way, the patient will be less inclined to leave in-patient residential treatment. The individual will no longer be around deterring factors and will be more likely to follow through with treatment. Additionally, relocating for treatment allows the individual to establish a greater sense of privacy. The individual can be at peace knowing that they need treatment and will be free to focus on reaching sobriety.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Center in Enid

When you keep your mind open to relocating for treatment, you open the possibilities for a variety of treatment options. Yes, there are a few options for treatment in Enid, but some of the treatment options are limited to a sole facility, which can mean limited availability or the chance that the facility does not provide the type of therapy that you or a loved one needs. Instead, expand your treatment options and consider these topics when choosing a facility:

  • Accreditation: Accreditation involves your facility being properly certified. Look for accreditation from:
    • CARF International
    • Council on Accreditation
    • The Joint Commission
  • Evidence-Based Treatment: Experts have been able to prove these therapies effective over time due to research. Evidence-based therapies may include:
    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies
    • Family Treatment Approaches
    • Individual or Group Therapy
  • Length and Location: We know that relocating for treatment can be beneficial. However, you should ask:
    •  How long can the individual afford to be away from their daily life for treatment?
    • Which treatment length is going to best serve the individual’s treatment needs?
  • Aftercare Services: How well does the facility prepare the individual for aftercare? Understand that aftercare is meant to help the individual transition back into their daily lives while substances are available. Aftercare forms can include:
    • 12-Step Programs
    • Sober Living Facilities
    • Ongoing Outpatient Treatment
  • Payment: Does the individual have insurance or will they need payment assistance? Many facilities accept Medicare or Medicaid and offer payment assistance.

Benefits of Treatment in Enid

Although there may be barriers to receiving treatment in Edin, the reality is that staying local for treatment is the better option for certain individuals. Some individuals may come to find that they cannot easily relocate for treatment and have responsibilities that they cannot abandon for treatment, and that is okay. Individuals in need of outpatient care will find it more convenient to stay local, especially since the individual is free to return home after their treatment, which can sometimes only take three hours out of their day.

More so, when an individual chooses to stay local for outpatient treatment, they are more likely to follow through with treatment. Additionally, they have the opportunity to extend their outpatient care, which can serve as a form of aftercare. Individuals who stay local for treatment are also more likely to participate in aftercare overall. Participating in aftercare increases their chance of maintaining sobriety.  

Find Help Today

There are many obstacles to receiving treatment in Edin, OK but it is not impossible to receive. Call 405-583-4319 and find out how you can receive treatment. Remember not to limit your treatment options. Treatment needs to be specific to the individual. The more options you consider, the better the chances of recovery for you or a loved one. Many individuals dealing with addiction in Edin may have a co-occurring mental illness. Specialized care can work to treat both illnesses. Call today and learn about all of your treatment options. Finding treatment may seem difficult in a town like Edin, but we can make it easy for you.