Be Aware: 5 Serious Signs You Might Have a Drug Problem

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Drug abuse is a serious problem that could happen to anyone, anywhere. It’s becoming a growing problem all throughout the Norman, Oklahoma area and it may be affecting your friends, your family – or maybe even you.

Do you feel that you may be one of the many suffering from a drug problem? Most people would rather deny that they have a problem than admit to it and try to fix things, but drug addiction is not something that you can (or should) push aside.

In fact, the more you try to deny drug abuse, the more it will continue to occur, which will lead to major physical and psychological problems – and maybe even death.

How do you know if you have a drug addiction? Here are some signs of drug addition you need to look out for. Keep reading to find out.

1. You May Have a Drug Problem If You Repeatedly Make Excuses

Of course, making excuses is not limited to the drug abuser. Rather it’s the reason behind making the excuses that matter.

In most cases, when drugs start to take a hold of your life, you’ll feel like you need to spend more time doing drugs and less time with family and taking care of duties.

Because of this, you’ll constantly make up excuses to back out of meetings or events. You’ll skip family gatherings, pass up in work events, and may even neglect your children, all to make more time to use drugs.

2. You Feel the Need to Constantly Increase the Amount of Drugs You Use

Have you ever felt that the amount of drugs you took last week just aren’t enough for this week? That’s a sure sign you are becoming addicted to drugs.

Human bodies have the ability to build up a tolerance to drugs. When you first use a drug, you only need to take a very small amount to feel the effects.

After some time, however, you may start to feel as if the small amount you are taking isn’t enough to satisfy your needs, and you need to take more.

That happens when you have grown a tolerance to that certain amount, and now you feel that you need more to compensate. This is dangerous because as your body grows a higher level of tolerance, you’ll begin to take dangerous amounts.

If you take too much of the drug, you could end up overdosing and dying. This is is one situation you must really strive to avoid.

3. You May Start Stealing Money from People You Know

If you find yourself stealing money from friends and family members, you may have a drug addiction.

In many cases, people who abuse drugs have a tendency to quickly go through their finances in order to keep replacing the drugs they use. In due time, they drain the money that they have, but their desire for the drug doesn’t leave them.

In order to keep bringing in and using the drug, the drug abusers find another method of getting the money they need. The easiest way to get it is to take it from those closest to you.

You may first start off by simply asking for money from your friends and family with the promise to pay them back, but in due time they’ll realize you are using their money unwisely and will stop giving you any.

That’s when you’ll turn to stealing the money instead. You may start digging into your friend’s wallet or purse when they aren’t around, or taking coins from the collection jar, or even taking money from your own kids.

If you’ve experienced these behaviors, now is the time to make a change.

4. Your Senses Start to Betray You

In many cases, drug abusers will start to “fall apart”. In other words, they will physically start to feel the effects of their abuse. Most of the time, this starts with a loss of the senses.

Your body will start to break down and slowly start to go numb with the senses. Your nose will most often be the first to show the signs and there will be many of them.

First off, you may experience a bloody nose, which is a common effect of using drugs that require you to inhale them through the nose. The bleeding will happen unpredictably and at multiple times.

You may also experience a lessening or even a complete loss of your sense of smell, your sense of taste may lessen, and your vision may be reduced.

Continued use of the drug may result in a tremendous reduction or elimination of particular senses.

5. You Look or Feel Sick

This is perhaps one of the most obvious signs to look out for.

If you feel as if you are becoming sicker over time, it’s because the drugs are more than likely having an effect on your overall well-being.

Drug abuse has the ability to lower your health over time as you continue to take the drug. As a result, you will slowly feel yourself start to become weaker and more susceptible to even certain sicknesses.

This will also be very obvious on a physical level as well. Your skin may become paler or change color, your eyes may sink in or become red, and you may show a constantly tired or sickened expression.

If this or any of the problems mentioned are happening to you, you must get help immediately; time is of the essence.

We Can Do This Together

Having a drug problem doesn’t mean you’re without hope. You can still defeat your drug addiction – and we can help you do it.

At Better Place Recovery Services, we make sure to give our clients the level of dedication and attention they deserve in order to get better. We offer a number of treatment services, including drug rehab, Alcohol rehab, detox, and so much more.

We offer our services in the Norman, Oklahoma region, so you can easily reach out to us for our services. Please be sure to also have a look at our blog to learn more about abuse and how you can be better equipped to fight back.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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