Lawton, Oklahoma’s Prescription Drug Problem

Addiction Treatment in Lawton, OK

Founded in 1901, Lawton, OK sits just south of the Wichita Mountains. Home to a population of 96,867 Lawton is known for the Museum of the Great Plains. Recently, Lawton has become known for being a part of Oklahoma’s battle with drugs. Oklahoma is one of the top states for prescription drug abuse. Drugs are both trafficked and abused at a high rate in Oklahoma. Lawton has recently been in the news for multiple meth seizures. While the United States as a whole grapples with the battle of opioid abuse, Oklahoma has been one of the number one states for opioid abuse and overdose for years. Doctors may over-prescribe the drug, and individual’s dealing with addiction may go from doctor to doctor to try and obtain more painkillers, luckily there are some addiction treatment options in Lawton to help these addicts.

Drug Statistics on Lawton, OK

Most individual’s dealing with an opioid addiction are first introduced to the drugs through a prescription. Typically, it can get to a point where the individual will no longer be able to receive the same prescription from a particular physician and they will begin to look elsewhere. Some individual’s will try another physician, other’s may use someone else’s prescription, and some may transition to street opioids like heroin and synthetic fentanyl. Prescription drug abuse is the leading cause of injury death for Oklahoman’s aged 25-64. With the rate of drug abuse in Oklahoma being so high, it is important to understand that anyone may be battling addiction. Look for the signs of addiction: repeated usage , change in behavior, and physical symptoms. Know that it is always possible to find help. Call 405-583-4319 and learn about your treatment options in Lawton, OK today.

Addiction Treatment Options in Lawton

Finding the right treatment entails knowing the options you have available. Treatment programs with short and long-term lengths are available. The treatment length should coincide with the level of addiction severity. 30, 60, and 90-day programs are available for mild to severe addictions. Individuals with a severe form of addiction will need to select a longer treatment length as short-term lengths are not modeled to appropriately treat severe addictions. Additionally, all three program lengths offer in-patient residential treatment. Both the 60 and 90-day treatments offer outpatient care while the 30-day treatment program offers partial hospitalization.

Treatment options in Lawton, OK are somewhat limited. For instance, the services one will be unable to find in Lawton include, in-patient hospitalization, short-term residential treatment, and naltrexone treatment. However, Lawton offers many other services. For instance, a few facilities offer outpatient care, although you will find more outpatient services in nearby Wichita Falls, TX. Additionally, there is one SAMHSA certified center locally that can treat opioid addiction. Not to mention, a few facilities also offer specialized treatment for those a part of the LGBTQ community, and those who have been victims of abuse.

Leaving Lawton for Addiction Treatment

You may be able to find treatment in Lawton, OK. However, keep in mind not all treatment types are available locally. Some treatments are only available at a sole facility. It may be in the individual’s best interests to travel for treatment. Environmental factors likely contribute to the individual’s ongoing battle with addiction. Leaving for treatment allows the individual the opportunity to experience a life without those factors. Not to mention, addiction can oftentimes lead to dissolved social relationships. The loss of these relationships can mean that the individual does not have a supportive environment. The lack of a supportive environment can serve to remind the individual of the consequences addiction has had in their life, and cause them to abuse their substance again. Not to mention, the lack of a supportive environment may make it difficult for an individual receiving local outpatient care to remain sober.

Travelling for treatment will ensure that the individual receives support because not only will they have a sober environment, they will also be around other individual’s in recovery. More so, relocating makes it so that the individual will be less likely to leave in-patient treatment. The individual will not be under the influence of external factors, and it will be difficult to abandon a treatment facility. Not to mention, by relocating, the individual will be able to receive treatment with a new sense of privacy. Discreet treatment ensures that the individual’s main focus is their own recovery.  

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

When you limit your treatment options to only local facilities, you are limiting the chance of yourself or a loved one finding the perfect treatment. The more individualized the treatment can be, the better the odds for recovery. You may be unsure what to look for in a treatment center, but consider a few of these factors.

The first thing you will want to consider is the organization the facility is accredited by. Is the facility accredited at all, and is the organization it is accredited by legitimate? Look for valid accreditation from some of these organizations:

  • CARF International
  • The Joint Commission
  • Council on Accreditation

Next, you will want to take into account the type of therapies the center uses. Are the therapies evidence-based? You will want evidence-based treatment because it has been proven the most effective over time. Some evidence-based therapies can include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Experiential Approaches
  • Family Treatment Approach

Additionally, you will want to again make sure that you are considering both length and location in tandem. Some treatment types require relocating, and some treatment types benefit from relocating. Take into account how long the individual can be away for treatment, along with how long they need to realistically be away for effective treatment. Next, you will want to consider how the facility prepares the individual for aftercare services. Lastly, you will want to take into account payment options, several facilities offer payment assistance.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Lawton

Not everyone has the ability to relocate for treatment, and that is understandable. While there may be more options the further away you get from home, sometimes the best option for you is local. An individual with an intact support system will likely benefit from staying in Lawton, OK because they have a network of individuals able to help them through treatment.

More so, an individual needing outpatient care will benefit from staying local. The individual undergoing outpatient care will be able to maintain their daily life while receiving treatment at the same time. Not to mention, these individuals will also be able to extend their treatment. Studies have shown that the longer an individual can receive treatment, the more their chance at reaching recovery increases. Individuals staying local will more likely participate in aftercare services. There will be less of a transition from treatment to aftercare and this will make the individual feel more confident in participating in aftercare.

Help is a Call Away

Oklahoma is in the midst of an ongoing drug crisis. Whether an individual is dealing with an opioid addiction or alcohol dependency, they can be helped. Reaching out and calling 405-583-4319 ensures that they receive that help. Addiction when left untreated can lead to a fatal overdose. Not everyone may be open about their struggle with addiction, so if you have concerns, make a call. We can answer any question you may have about addiction and finding treatment in Lawton, OK. No matter your circumstances, treatment is available and accessible. Don’t wait, we understand finding treatment can be intimidating, but you don’t have to search on your own.