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Effective Treatment Programs in Norman, OK

Addiction treatment experts use a variety of methods, both conventional and experimental. However, most of these experts agree on one rule: no single drug abuse rehabilitation method works for everyone. Rehab programs must tailor their treatment plans to the needs of the patient. These programs address not only the addiction itself, but also the addicted person’s legal, medical, psychological, and vocational needs. An effective plan relies on close monitoring of the patient, and must be frequently adjusted as patients’ needs may change over time.

Available Types of Treatment Programs

Experts offer various levels of treatment. A person who has been using continuously for a long time will need a different level than someone who has recently relapsed after years of sobriety.  

Alcohol Addiction Treatment focuses on those who depend on alcohol to function daily. Such cases are more complicated because of the health problems associated with chronic alcohol use.  

Drug Addiction Treatment is for those who have developed a physical and/or psychological dependence on an illicit substance. Such dependence is difficult to break, as withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Specialists offer inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment programs to get you on the path to sobriety.  

  • Inpatient treatment usually occurs in a hospital or clinic. It has grown less popular in recent years, and many facilities have shifted their focus from rehab to medically supervised detoxification. Experts still recommend that clients enter a rehab program immediately after detox. 
  • Outpatient treatment can be found at medical clinics, counselor’s offices, and many community health facilities. Clients often live at home and commute to a rehab facility for treatment. 
  • Residential treatment combines the most effective parts of both inpatient and outpatient models. Patients attend daily support group meetings while staying in comfortable sober living accommodations. Thus they can rely on round-the-clock supervision and support as they face the temptations that come with relearning how to function in society. 

Intervention programs, meanwhile, help family and friends organize to confront the addicted person about their problem. They provide a safe space in which loved ones can air their concerns and hopefully convince the addict to accept treatment.  

Let Our Professionals Help

Substance dependency has a way of tricking users into staying dependent. Affected individuals often feel there is no way out. However, with the help of professionals and the support of loved ones and family, recovery is possible.

Experts offer programs for all varieties of substance abuse, as well as treatment for those with underlying psychological conditions. For help finding a rehabilitation program, or for advice about substance abuse in general, recovery specialists are available 24 hours a day at 405-583-4319. Call now!